Love or Lonely?


Ask yourself a question:

“Am I genuinely ready to fall in with someone else, or am I just lonely? ”

It’s a simple question, but a very important one. It’s possible to fall in love before you are ready, but I feel like a lot of us are frantically searching for it.

After my last relationship ended, I was forced to sit back and take a long look at myself. There were situations that could have turned out differently if I had a different mindset. I don’t have any regrets, but I also have a lot of things I needed to change to reap the benefits of a healthy, happy relationship.

In order to be a part of a good relationship, you have to be 150% confident and happy with yourself. To enter a relationship because you’re lonely only cheats you and the other party. You have to be all in and prepared to give 100% to your union. Anything less is just a setup for failure.

Currently, I’m in no hurry to be with anyone nor do I have interest in being in a long-term situation until I know it’s worth it. This mentality saves me a lot of time and heartache. In the past, I’ve lost myself in relationships and friendships. My refusal to repeat the past is unwavering.

I’m an advocate for being single as long as possible until you feel truly prepared to take the plunge. Don’t cheat yourself. Treat yourself to a word full of possibilities.

Being in love is more than just a feeling. Becoming one unit with another party involves trust, transparent communication, and integrity among other things. Don’t cheat yourself by jumping into a relationship before you’re ready. Everyone gets lonely, but how lonely can you be if you’re busy prospering?

Late night pondering… #2

Being an insomniac gives me a lot of time alone to ponder life. This evening, I’m lying across my bed in the pitch black darkness of my room, listening to crickets chirp outside and thinking about love. (I’m also thinking about cheese fries, but I digress)

Since I was 20 years old, I’ve been in a relationship with someone or just breaking up with someone. It feels like if I’m not falling in love, I’m being burned by it. There’s something unhealthy about that pattern. My inability to love long-term lies in my lack of self-love. Don’t get me wrong, I feel like I’m pretty amazing. I just need to embrace the part of me that’s not wanting to open up to others and let them in.

Being that this is my own self-diagnosis, I’m not going to tell you what may or may not be wrong with you. I don’t know you like you do. To be honest, I’m still learning about what makes Landon tick. (So far I’ve discovered quite a few buttons I’d rather not have pushed. More on that later.)

I have more love than I can handle from friends and family that I am truly grateful for. Romantically… Eh, I’m not in a hurry. I currently have someone in my life that I’m happy with. Is it love? No. But it’s nice to have someone to talk to and be there for me when I need them. Eventually, I’d like to find my soul mate and ride across a beach into the sunset.  Until then, I’m happy with good companionship and the freedom to be my own individual.

late night pondering…

I’m grateful for the ability to communicate my thoughts through words and be able to share them with people. Sometimes I feel as of my thoughts are too complex or too dark to share. I even have my moments where I have way so many thoughts, it’s overwhelming. The paralyzing feeling of being able to do nothing because there’s way too much on your mind, is scary. I’m still trying to find a way to make all of these things going on my head dissipate or come to fruition.

I don’t feel like this is a bad thing. I just need to be more proactive and productive with my life. I’m letting all of these good ideas and talent go to waste because I get overwhelmed and shut down. There’s this energy inside of me begging to be manifested. It’s just sitting there glowing like a nuclear bomb just waiting to explode. I’m in deep need of something new. I long for another evolution. This upgraded version of myself on within arms reach. I just need to know how to get over this slump.

Kiss & Tell Radio

In true Landon fashion, I’m late to the party once again. Recently, I’ve started listening to podcasts. For those of you unfamiliar with podcasts, as I was a couple of months ago, let me explain. A podcast is pretty much a talk radio show. You have some that are dreadfully boring (think NPR, I can’t stand it), and you have some podcasts that are ear candy. One of my favorites is “Kiss & Tell Radio”. Shar Jossell and Jayce Baron have amazing chemistry together and the conversations they have, make you wish you were in the room.

Shar Jossell and Jayce Baron are funny, informative and absolutely amazing.
Shar Jossell and Jayce Baron are funny, informative and absolutely amazing.

Knowing Shar personally, I can tell you that the girl can talk and is NEVER misinformed. I’ll be posting her show “Shar Says So” here as well. Visit her website She’s definitely someone you want to check out! When she says she’s “a grown ass woman, with grown ass opinions”, she ain’t lyin’!

Jayce Baron is a writer, social entrepreneur, and advocate for the LGBT millennial. (I got that from his website, but if that doesn’t make him sound absolutely interesting, you’re crazy.) Jayce is handsome, smart and very funny! To learn more about Jayce, visit

These two have one of the best podcasts I’ve heard. If you’re new to podcasts or have never heard one, I’d start here. This is what good podcasts/ good conversations sound like.

So click here to fall in to Kiss and Tell Radio. I have to go catch up on Episode Three! Ciao.

Back To School Encouragement

I remember my first days of school like yesterday. The most vivid is the year I went to sixth grade. Everything had to be prefect; my haircut had to be fresh, my school uniform needed to be clean and crispy, I was so serious, I even needed my school supplies to be top notch. Although none of this kept me from being bullied for the gaps in my teeth and not having facial hair, I still managed to be one of the coolest kids in school.

Sixth grade was a turning point for me socially. Here I was, this eleven year old kid who didn’t feel like a kid anymore. This was my first step into adulthood (or so I thought.) I remember feeling like one of the “big kids”. I wasn’t in elementary school anymore. Middle school was a Rite of Passage for kids at my school. Most of us had been there since Pre-K. Since I was a third grade import, I was always a target for bullying. By sixth grade, I had made my mark. No more bullying, no more confusion as to what my place was in the grade school food chain, I had finally made it.

My only trouble was, I was so busy keeping up with my peers that I failed to keep up with my studies. I was an extremely smart kid. I had some trouble in math but it was nothing I couldn’t handle. When I was in 1st grade I was reading at an eighth grade level. But being a smart kid didn’t make me cool.

Everyone else was goofing off so, of course, I went along with it. I skipped class and tormented substitute teachers, pulled girls by their ponytails and bullied the weaker species of children. I was a riot. My friends loved it, my teachers hated it, and my mom was stressed out. It wasn’t until I was a junior in high school that I started taking my education seriously (that lasted until sophomore year of college, but that’s another story for another time.)

There are a lot of children going back to school today and I’m sharing this story to let them know that it’s okay to be smart. Don’t be ashamed of your desire to learn. Let the talents and skill that you possess grow without hindrance. Think of yourself as a seed. The more water you consume, the more you’ll flourish. Allow yourself to grow and don’t let the other seeds in the garden block your sunlight. That incredible genius inside of you is ready to thrive. The athlete that you want to be is restless and ready to get out there and impress everyone.

There will be some distractions but the more you focus on the positive things, the better off you will be in the future. The same people who bullied me for being a “dork” are the same people who want to work with me now because I’m great at what I do. I didn’t make all of the right decisions to get here, but I made it. You can do the same, but you have people like me who learned the hard way so you don’t have to. Be smart, be fearless, and always be amazing; because that’s exactly what you are.

Cultural Appropriation Crash Course

I’m not someone who takes offense easily, but when I do, I get pretty pissed off about it. I watched a video posted by sixteen-year old Amandla Stenberg about culture appropriation. “Culture Approriation” is defined as the adoption of elements of one culture by members of a different cultural group, especially if the adoption is of an oppressed people’s cultural elements by members of the dominant culture. Basically, it’s when White people put dreads in their hair without understanding the cultural representation of them.

Watch this video that Amandla posted. She can explain it better than I can:

The question at the end of this video has haunted me since I first heard it.

“What would America be like, if we loved black people as much as we love black culture?”

Amandla has faced some backlash. (Mostly from people missing the point altogether.) This girl is not stirring up the pot, but rather pointing out black culture. I am also thrown off when I see people who aren’t Black exhibiting Black culture as a fashion statement, but dismiss the social ills coming from that culture. Don’t get me wrong: I love LEARNING from other cultures. But you won’t catch me wearing a bindi, commercial use of Kente cloth or using Chinese characters without respecting the history behind it. It’s cultural appropriation when the culture is watered down, commercialized, and used in a comical manner. Period.

Now before you all start flooding my comments, let me make this clear; This cultural appropriation is not just about Black hair, style, music, etc. It’s about understanding and respecting the culture behind it. I have seen so many people miss the point entirely because their ignorance won’t allow them to see the bigger picture.  It’s not simply about culture, it’s also about the race of the people behind the culture. We’re not just talking about Black people, but people of all races.

Respect the culture, respect the race of people it comes from and treat them like human beings. We have much to learn from each other if we could stop the hate and ignorance we constantly display against on another.

Maurice Harris | Lights, Camera, Success!!!

10679756_10152444709563565_5798329275768982938_oAs a writer one of the mediums I’ve most admired and been enthralled by is screenwriting. It takes a super creative mind to create an amazing script and make it come to life. Maurice Harris does all of that and then some. This writer, director and producer is one of our generations greatest cinematic minds and he’s showing the world that he has what it takes to hang with the big dogs like Spike Lee, Lee Daniels and Ava DuVernay.

I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Maurice as a friend and his integrity and light as a person definitely shines through in his work. One of his traits that stands out the most is his HUMOR! For example, his parodies of “Why Did I Get Married?” and “Waiting To Exhale” are absolutely hilarious. He adds his own flair to these scenes and always picks an impeccable and talented cast!

Maurice’s original work is just as amazing. His skill as a director and writer is inspiring and entertaining! Through his production company, SokBox Productions, Maurice and his team create dynamic and compelling cinema that will leave an impression on you for life. Let me tell you about his web series the “The Sideline”… OH. MY. GOD.

I had only watched a couple of episodes of The Sideline prior to writing this. Like I tend to watch all of my favorite shows, I binge watched the first season. I couldn’t tear myself away. It has everything you could want in a show: drama, suspense, comedy and a damn good looking cast. Very. VERY. Good looking cast… Don’t believe me? Check this out:

I could go on and on about Maurice’s talent (and more than likely will), but I found a video on his blog on that will give you a glimpse of his awesome personality and sense of humor:

Maurice is always encouraging and inspiring others to live their dreams. His hard work and dedication to his craft is definitely an inspiration to me and many others! If you like the videos in this post, treat yourself to the SokBox Productions YouTube page here. Learn more about Maurice and SokBox at and don’t forget to check out Season One of “The Sideline”. Trust me, you’re definitely going to want to be prepared when Season Two is done filming!!!

Ray Tennyson: Artist Extraordinaire

I love to see my fellow Oklahomans doing great things! So am I am super excited to feature Mr. Ray Tennyson.

download (2)

Ray Tennyson creates the most beautiful works of art! He’s also created one-of-a-kind pieces for Kim Zolciak and Keri Hilson among others! It’s truly incredible.

ray and Keri
Ray & Keri Hilson
Ray's portrait of Kroy Biermann on Bravo's
Ray’s portrait of Kroy Biermann on Bravo’s “Don’t Be Tardy”

From OKC Thunder players to beautiful couples, Ray Tennyson has made quite a name for himself in Oklahoma City and beyond. Like so many others, I’m a huge fan of his work and I especially LOVE the OKC Thunder paintings! He captures the athletes in a very powerful way. His paintings command your attention and are always immaculate.

Ray's portraits of the OKC Thunder. Full collection on display
Ray’s portraits of the OKC Thunder. Full collection on display. Pretty dope right?

As I’m writing this I can’t help but to think of how awesome it must be to see your work on television. I’d freak out every single time. I just want a local news anchor to plug my blog one time. Lol! But this isn’t about me…

Chris Brown showing love on IG.

So Ray just painted an adorable portrait of Chris Brown and his daughter, Royalty. It’s one of my favorites because I think Royalty is just the cutest baby. I said it’s ONE of my favorites because of this next masterpiece… (keep scrolling)

Look. At. This. I'm not even a Lebron fan, but I appreciate the beauty of this painting.
Look. At. This. I’m not even a Lebron fan, but I appreciate the beauty of this painting. I just need a wall to put it on… *sigh*

I’m not going to show you all everything. I think you understand just how incredibly talented Ray Tennyson is. You’ll have to check out his website to see more of his gorgeous art. If you want a portrait of your own, head over to for prices. Print of his paintings are available as well! You can also follow him on Instagram (RayTennyson) and follow his process. It’s pretty cool to watch him work. Ray’s passion for art definitely shines through in his work. Thank you, Ray, for continuing to inspire others and adding beauty to the world!

You can also catch him at Studio XII on June 26th at 7pm!


Lamar B: Sex Siren

One of my really good friends, Lamar B, a.k.a “Supernova”, recently released his single “Sex Siren”. I’m so excited to add this because his voice is incomparable. He also has a song on his YouTube channel called “Pancakes In The Morning” that’s incredible. Not to mention he’s hot too… Man! You all must check him out!

Ain't he handsome!?
Ain’t he handsome!?

You can purchase the single on iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, etc. You can view his YouTube channel Supernova TV here!

And follow @LaMarNova on IG!!

P.S.- The video was directed by my really good friend Evin Little and my little brother is dancing in the video (Look for the cutie in the Miami 73 shirt on the right) !!! *sigh*

Oklahoma is getting put on the map. About time! Lol!